Who We Are

  • Clear Social Vision And Commitment To Help The Disabled Regain Mobility And Dignity By Fitting High-Quality, Durable Artificial Limbs And Other Aids And Appliances — All Free Of Charge.
  • An Open-Door Policy That Welcomes Anyone With A Disability, Without Any Discrimination — Cutting Across Geographical, Social, Religious And Gender Bias.
  • Introduced The Self-Lubricating Stanford-Jaipur Knee With A Revolutionary New Technology, Developed By Stanford University Working With BMVSS And Recognised By Time Magazine For The Year 2009 As One Of The World’s 50 Best Inventions.
  • Ongoing Research Projects With MIT For The Development Of A New Knee Joint, A Polyurethane Foot, And An Off-Road Wheelchair-Cum-Hand-Pedalled Tricycle For Paraplegic Patients.
  • Support Is Also Being Given By Other Famous Indian Scientific Institutions Like ISRO, IITs, MNIT Jaipur, NIT Delhi, Etc.
  • Paul Hamlyn International Centre For Prosthesis And Orthotics Set Up.
  • Operates On A Special Health Care Model For The Disabled Who Are Unable To Avail Of Health Care Under The Costly, Complicated And Time-Consuming Existing Models.
  • BMVSS Is Sustained With The Support Of Generous Grants And Donations.
“As we stood amongst the poorest of the poor in Jaipur, some of them coming from thousands of miles away, we realised this was not just about fitting limbs but also about restoring dignity to other human beings, and in the process to ourselves, for it is in giving that we receive. There may be other places in the world where compassion is that tangible; it is just that we had not seen any.” Eliane and Armand Neukermans, eminent US scientist, who connected BMVSS with Stanford University”.
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