Patient Centric Management

All over the world, conglomerates, multinationals and NGOs are at constant loggerheads over the creation of an “effective” – “Patient Health Care Model, which is both affordable and readily available. However, at Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), we have our own special, patient-centric and sensitive management system to deal with beneficiaries, who are mostly poor, marginalised and/or underprivileged. we not only believe in technological innovations, but process innovations also, to make movements easier for the beneficiaries. The main touchpoints of our Patient-Centric Management system are as simple as :

Open Door Policy: BMVSS Has An Open-Door Policy. A Disabled Person Can Visit our Jaipur Centre (Which Receives The Highest Number Of Patients) at any time Of the Day Or Night, Without An Appointment. The same policy applies to the other centres, wherein the beneficiaries can walk In without any prior appointment during the designated treatment times.

Registration: At our Centres, patients are first admitted and then registered. This policy of ours contrasts with other Healthcare Organisations And Systems which require prior appointments and registrations before the patient Is admitted. Outstation patients (along with their attendants/families) get immediate boarding and lodging facilities (Free Of Cost) At Jaipur.

On – the – Spot Services: The aids and appliances including the artificial limb are normally Provided In a days time. However, in complicated cases requiring additional time owing to technical processes, the patients can stay put at the centre free of cost, till his/her needs are met in accordance with the correct medical advice.

Approach: Each patient is served with utmost Empathy, Personal Attention And Care.

Efficiency: Since, Limb/Calliper fitments are customised services, BMVSS has, to a large extent, introduced technologically advanced assembly lines in most of our processes. This is to cover and rehabilitate the largest number of patients in the shortest time. Nevertheless, while doing so, Quality Standards are always a priority.

Technical Expertise: The technical management is undertaken by highly skilled and top of the line expert professionals.

Cost: Being A Not For Profit Organisation, efforts are made to keep the cost on overheads and administration as low as possible. The world-renowned management consultant, Prof. C.K Prahalad Of Michigan University, in his book “The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid”, concluded, after diligent analysis, that the overhead and administration costs of BMVSS are meagre 4 Percent of its total budget. Perhaps, the lowest for any non-profit organisation worldwide.
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